Did I mention the coolest tiles on Earth?

For anyone to whom I haven’t shown these tiles… which is probably no one except maybe an eskimo named Kaput in Northern Alaska… Henrik VanRyzin from Hawaii (VanTiki) madeĀ  these for me:

Spooky Skull Tiles that were found deep in the catacombs of VanTiki Island... in "mossy temple sculpture" glaze.

I’m going to put them in my powder room, along with Rudy the Tiki Head, who I received from Bethany this year for Christmas. Can you feel the HGTV-style “themed room” coming on?…

3 thoughts on “Did I mention the coolest tiles on Earth?”

  1. Anna B…Ugh on these spooky tiles! They are bound to keep you awake and spooked! You are not serious about installing
    them, are you? Put them on the outside steps to scare the
    critters away!

    And the bathtub??? ugh, also. Where are the claw feet? It looks like it needs to be “rejuvenated”

    Sorry to burst a couple of baloons, but what the heck? You asked, you received. I love you, my precious Anna.

    1. No worries, Gramma. No balloons have been burst! Not even you can rain on my parade and ruin my excitement!! (How’s that for guilt?) Maybe I should’ve typed that the claw feet are in my office for safe-keeping, and that I plan on refinishing the tub… Did you really think I was going to put it in my house like that??

  2. I guess you put me in my place, eh? That’s what I get for being so critical? I should have known you had it all “figured out” and “let it be”!

    Seriously, I am very happy for you, Anna, and know your home will be just perfect in every respect! I like teasing you, as you know,–getting your “goat”, as it were! haha

    Same ole’ granny who loves you very much!

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