Interior Framing has started!

This is so exciting! You can actually see the shapes and sizes of some of the rooms now. I know, I know. Every single stage of this project is the most exciting stage… but come on. This is really exciting!! You can see rooms!

my closet (far left) and the door to my sink/bathroom area (far right)
the master closet (far left) and the door to the master bathroom with a brace across it (far right)
looking into the powder room; the laundry room next to i ton the left.
This angle is looking into the powder room; The laundry room is next to it on the left.
My kitchen door is framed.
My kitchen door hole has arrived.
through the kitchen door
through the kitchen door

Hmmm… I just reread what I’ve written, and it’s really hard to make any sense of my descriptions and pictures. I guess it’ll just be confusing for everyone until the drywalling starts! Oh well!

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