I've always wanted a stream…

We had one when Leah and I were young, but it only happened when the spring overflowed after a heavy rainstorm.  We had to share it with the cows, too. They usually drank it all, stomped in it and ruined it. Well, thanks to Pete Spaulding of Spaulding Landscaping at Home View Farm and his amazing crew, I have my very own stream that I don’t even have to share with the cows.

a view from above
a view from above

It’s actually a dry stream bed or “dry crick bed” as we call ’em in WV. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it helps carry excess water away from the house when it rains. They hand picked the stones along the edges from a big ol’ pile of rocks Zach pulled out of my foundation hole. Then they very thoughtfully placed each rock and even shaped some of them to make them fit just right to look natural. I’d say they did a pretty amazing job.

It runs along the back of my house
It runs along the back of the house
It runs along the back of my house, as if it was left there by mother nature.
and has a little natural bridge to get from one side to the other.

The best part is that I now have a wonderful feature in my yard created by talented craftesmen and craftswomen that I can build on with plantings, etc for years to come.


P.S. Did I mention the waterfall?

The dry waterfall that leads to the dry stream bed
The dry waterfall that feeds into the dry stream bed

Yeah, they made a a waterfall too.  Again they used stone that came from under my house. It will be a perfect frame for the view of the fields. I can’t wait to watch it and help it transform over time.

Another special detail from another skilled artist!

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  1. Anna, dear, you have no idea how exciting it has been for me to watch your dream grow. I almost feel as if I were back “home.” and not stuck in a “retirement residence.” Thank you for providing such pleasure. Marge Dower

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